Why A Company Should Consider Gifting Their Employees And Customers With Metal Water Bottles

Posted by Keith Allen on

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation to employees and customers for their service, and business engagements. They act as an incentive and keep employees motivated. It is an excellent practice to develop an incentive strategy for both your employees and your clients.

Your strategy should be well planned considering activity, timing, and expected gain. Most organizations give gifts to their employees periodically, either during holidays, at the end of the year or during employee evaluation and appreciation ceremonies. Companies can choose to reward consumers annually or whenever they purchase a company's products.

The choice of gift is an essential consideration for every company. The most practical rewards are company branded items because they serve as incentives and promotional items. Whenever an employee or customer uses a company branded item, he or she indirectly markets for the company.

From the endless list of items like pens, calendars, t-shirts, and many other things that companies can give out, custom engraved metal water bottles are among the top gift items that employers can issue.

Why are Custom Engraved Metal Water Bottles Great Gifts for Employees and Customers?

Aside from the good-will appeal that comes with every gift a consumer or an employee receives, engraved metal water bottles serve a specialized function. About 53% of workers carry water bottles every day; hence, anybody will appreciate receiving a gift that has useful functionality.

Metal water bottles are thermally insulated and are ideal for keeping drinks cold or warm. Aside from their functionality, companies can customize the logos on the metallic bottles to make them serve an advertising purpose whenever consumers or employees carry them around.

Here are some examples of some of the best metal water bottles in the market.

The Hydro Flask Metallic Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask is one of the most reliable and versatile water bottle in the market. It features a stainless-steel insulated body and a plastic cap. It is ideal for maintaining the temperatures of its liquid contents for long periods due to the vacuum insulation.

The mouth of the bottle is narrow for the user to sip without sloshing, but wide enough to allow one to insert ice-cubes.

The stainless-steel material of the Metallic Hydro Flask does not retain flavors and is easy to clean.

The Hydro Flask is portable and easy to carry around, and its size allows it to fit in the cup holder of a vehicle. The well-threaded plastic lid seals the bottle properly to enable a user to carry the bottle in a bag without the worry of leakages.

The Yeti Rambler Metallic Bottles

The Yeti Rambler Metallic Bottle is a high quality, insulated, stainless-steel bottle with a good reputation. It merely is adequate, and well-built. This type of metal bottle is durable, leak-proof, and easy to clean.

It is among the best-insulated bottles in the market, and it has an interestingly created lid. The threads of the cap are slightly inside the container's wide opening. The lid slides inside first before it twists shut, which adds compactness, prevents leakages, and assists with insulation. The bottle is ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities due to its ease of portability. The lid has a triple hauler to assist with grip.

The bottle is ideal for carrying water and other beverages to any location.

Metallic water bottles are great gifts for companies to give their employers or consumers because they are useful, valuable, and durable. They are the kind of gifts that leave a mark to any recipient. When companies engrave metallic bottles and give them out, they create brand awareness whenever the employee or customer uses them.