The Custom Koozie is an Unbeatable Corporate Gift

Posted by Keith Allen on

Corporate "swag" is not a new concept to the world of marketing. While the concept of handing out freebies with a company name and logo has been around for quite some time, there are some products that just work better than others. One example of a corporate marketing item that really works is the custom koozie. As Jessica Chou writes for The Daily Meal, the best part about the koozie is the prevention of condensation on the outside of the can. This prevention does more for keeping the beverage cold than anything else. 

Because the koozie has been universally accepted as the best way to keep a canned beverage cold, people are always on the lookout for them. From a marketing perspective, koozies are wonderful products to give away because it is a great place to display a logo. They are also very inexpensive to buy (especially in bulk.) Some reasons the koozie is such a great marketing item include: 

  • People are generally around other people when they use them.
  • They are an item with a logo that people will gladly accept when given to them. 
  • Drink koozies are often given to and shared with multiple people over time. 
  • They are very inexpensive. 

For many people, a drink koozie can be like an accessory. Bright colors and a dynamic appearance with quality printing that will stand the test of time are very important. Full color custom koozies will allow for the pop that you want from a swag item. The full color neoprene can holder includes not only high quality full color printing of your logo, but it also includes a message of your choice on the koozie itself. Corporate slogans, taglines and other quotes can be an important extra in terms of branding. This is all possible and included in pricing for the full color neoprene can holder through Corporate Engraving. 

There are a number of drink koozies that do not properly protect the can from moisture, nor do they stand the test of time. The neoprene material meets the requirements of California's Proposition 65 that specifically addresses exposure to harmful chemicals. Not only does the koozie protect up to a 16 ounce can, but it is also usable with 20 ounce bottles. Plastic or glass bottles have the same problem with condensation as aluminum cans and the drink temperature can even rise faster than with cans. The full color neoprene can holder is designed to accommodate these bottles as well. 

This customized koozie is fully collapsible, which is important for the purpose of easy storage both for you and the end consumer using the item. The koozie is available in a few different designs including a basic white, rainbow or tie dyed. To help you visualize what you'll be getting, the website offers a "virtual sample" where you can upload your logo, add text, change the design and see exactly what the end product will look like. Companies shouldn't be willing to settle for whatever arrives in the mail when it comes to marketing materials. That's why the virtual sample option for customers is such an important feature. 

 As with most things, the more you buy the better your price. These koozies are already priced amazingly well, but there are several price breaks at differing quantities so you can get the advantage of lower cost for a number of items that better fits your needs. Rush service is available for those that need them quickly. With low setup costs for your customization, this full color neoprene can holder is truly the best item you can get with your marketing dollars.