The 4th of July - Quick review

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2020 has been one heck of a year, and we are only half way through. With everything going on it is important that we take pride in some major highlights of American History. One major highlight coming up, is The 4th of July, also known as Independence Day. Many of us celebrate the 4th of July with cookouts and fireworks. Let's take a quick history break to refresh our minds on what we are shooting fireworks off for. July 4, 1776, is the day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. On July 4, 1776, The Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence.The draft had been submitted on July 2nd, and The Continental Congress finally agreed on the edits and changes.The significance of the Declaration of Independence is that it confirmed a revolution between Great Britain and the United States Of America. The Revolutionary War lasted from April 19, 1775 until July 2, 1776. The war was being fought so the colonists could regain their rights as Englishmen that had been taken away by the British from 1763-1775. Man does it feel great to be an American. The Land of the Free.

Happy 4th of July and remember to stay safe.