Custom Coffee Tumblers with Your Logo are a Great Gift for your Employees

Posted by Keith Allen on

You're the HR Manager at a large company. You understand that your employees want to feel appreciated, especially during a time like this. Maybe you're having trouble thinking of creative ways to show your appreciation for how hard your employees have been working. So you do what any leader would do: google unique employee gifts. 

Google is fantastic but you don't have to look any further. 

The number one thing that employees have in common with each other is that they love coffee! Between the espresso machine and the classic Mr.Coffee maker, your employees are coffee fanatics. No matter what time it is throughout the day, they are constantly refilling. Why not have them refill with a custom tumbler? A custom tumbler with your company logo on it? Tumblers can withstand different temperatures of coffee. It's the perfect size and depending on how "cool" your company logo is, it is bound to be their go to cup.

Not only will custom company tumblers be a great gift for your employees but they will be great for additional advertising. 

The possibilities are endless with custom company tumblers. What is your company vision? Does your workplace start each morning with a positive saying? Any department inside jokes? If so then why not add them on the tumblers as well? Keep the work culture alive. 


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