Stylish Baby Shower & Gender Reveal lawn signs are a must have for 2020

Posted by DigitalCoo Team on

Are you planning a Baby Shower? Expecting guests? Corporate Engraving has the perfect addition to your Baby Shower celebration.

Decorating your baby shower is almost as fun as the party itself! With these beautiful customizable signs, you will add a really great touch to your baby shower that everyone will love.

Who says a pandemic takes the fun out of Baby Showers?  Even though many states have enforced new Covid-19 policies, there are still ways to celebrate baby showers during this pandemic.

When celebrating your baby shower during the pandemic, you can organize a "Drive By" shower. A "drive by" shower is when family and friends meet at your home, and drive by with baby gifts, and plenty of loud honks! A "drive by" theme will also work if you are planning a  gender reveal party. You can plan to have family and friends meet at a location. Have your family and friends stay in their vehicles and watch as you reveal the gender! You can keep it simple or extravagant. Either way just remember to social distance and keep it Covid safe. 

Depending on your states policy, you can also plan a gathering of people,  while enforcing social distancing. You will need to double check on the number of people that are able to be in a group setting. 

Our baby shower  signs are available in 18" x 12" and 24"x 18". Each sign is waterproof and made with fluted polypropylene corrugated plastic. This mean they are sturdy. You will not have to worry about them blowing away. We always include a free stake with each sign.

Make it a point this year to keep traditions alive. You can still plan a baby shower or gender reveal party.