5 Reasons Why Custom Leather Bottle Openers with Your Logo are a Great Gift for your Employees or Clients

Posted by Keith Allen on

You're an executive or a manager at a large company. You understand that your employees want to feel appreciated, but maybe you're having trouble thinking of creative or innovative ways to show it. So you do what any leader with common sense would do: try to think outside of the box for a perfect, unique gift for your employees and clients. 

You don't have to look any further. This post will tell you why a custom leather bottle opener with your company logo on it is the perfect gift for your employees or clients. 

They're a conversation starter that leads the conversation back to your company

Imagine giving away one of these to all your employees or making it available for purchase to them. Each one takes it back to their home to display on the fridge, leave on the kitchen countertop, or more importantly, have available at parties. Now any time one of their guests use their can opener, they've got your logo on your mind. This can lead to questions about your company, turning your employee into a de facto cheerleader for all the great work you do. 

A custom leather bottle opener is a great way to create brand recognition as you pass them out to your employees and they circulate them amongst their friends, colleagues, or loved ones. 

They serve as a constant reminder to your clients about who you are and what you do

Your custom leather bottle opener is a fantastic gift idea for clients as well. After you've struck a deal or finished a big project, there's no better congratulatory gift that a custom leather bottle opener with your logo. It will give the client a fun remembrance of your time working together. 

It also keeps you on the client's mind well after your project has completed. Having a custom leather bottle opener with your logo sitting around your client's corporate kitchen or offices are a great way to stay in their purview long after you've worked together. 

They're great for corporate cookouts 

Throwing a big corporate cookout or any other type of party where delicious, cold beverages will be made available? Having custom leather bottle openers available to assist with getting your employees refreshed is a great way to promote your brand within your team. 

You can also have a stack of your bottle openers available as giveaways. Your team can have their drink opened and have a keepsake for long after your corporate event has concluded. 

They have more character than a simple certificate 

Maybe you're looking for a new way to reward one of your employees in a simple, fun way. Perhaps they've hit a milestone, achieved a key objective, or delivered winning customer service in a way that demands a prize. You may feel the need to hand them a certificate or some other type of recognition. 

What about giving them some company-themed swag like a custom leather bottle opener? It's a gift that's high quality, useful, and also a physical representation of your appreciation for their hard work. 

It's a small token of appreciation, but it will mean more to your team members than a simple sheet of paper re-stating what they've accomplished. Reward them with something they can use and keep in their kitchen for years on end. 

It shows your company knows how to have fun

Rewarding your team with a custom leather bottle openers acknowledges your team has a life outside the office, and that life may involve cracking open a cold drink every once in a while. 

In the stuffy world of corporate culture, it can be easy to forget that there are people behind the titles of your employees. Sometimes it helps to remember that your employees are people. A custom leather bottle opener is a great way to recognize that - it's a fun, laid back gift that realizes that while your team always works hard, they know how to play hard as well. 


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